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BMW Toronto
Dear XXXX,

We are pleased to present you with the 2nd edition of the BMW Toronto eNewsletter. This Newsletter is published exclusively for clients of The Quinn Group of fine motor vehicle dealerships ( BMW Toronto, BMW Toronto Motorrad, Parkview BMW, BMW Waterloo, MINI Waterloo and MINI Downtown).

In this edition, we will: highlight the BMW and MINI new and pre-owned sales incentives; provide a feature on the Air Vent Control, an exciting new innovation from the BMW 's Efficient Dynamics Division in our technical section; profile the BMW Golfsport collection and a promotion on BMW Original bicycle racks specially designed for the X5 and X6 in our Parts and Lifestyle section and provide you with some advice to ensure the ideal operation of your BMW, MINI or Motorcycle on your summer road trips in our tips section. We are also very excited to provide you with the latest information on the construction of the new home for MINI Downtown which started June 22nd.

Our mission at the Quinn Group of Dealerships is to offer you Service Beyond your Expectations. With our years of experience in the automotive sector and a dedicated team of employees, the Quinn Group is certain to satisfy all your needs. Whether you are interested in a new or a pre-owned vehicle, service, accessories, parts or BMW lifestyle and MINI gear, we are here to help.

We hope you find this edition informative and educational.

Sincerely yours,

The BMW MINI eNews team.
In this issue: July 2009

Efficient Dynamics: Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

How much do you know about BMW's plan to reach zero emissions?

Extracting maximum driving pleasure from every drop of fuel: this is the aim of BMW EfficientDynamics. With an array of intelligent technologies, BMW is able to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while simultaneously enhancing your vehicle's dynamic performance.

The array of leading-edge technologies that are part of the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy are as diverse as they are innovative. From new fuel combustion technologies to lighter construction materials, low-friction components and improved aerodynamics all the way to comprehensive and highly sophisticated energy management. However, the aim of each of these innovations is the same: to deliver maximum driving pleasure from a minimum of fuel.

Continuing BMWs commitment to create the most efficient vehicles, we highlight one such technological initiative that is available on select BMW models today.

Active Air Vent Technology

Controlling Air Flow to Minimize Drag.

BMWs Air Vent Technology is an example of Active Aerodynamics. The technology highlights how BMWs are designed to adjust and adapt to changing conditions (increasing the vehicles efficiency); rather than simply driving in spite of adverse conditions.

To learn more about how it works, and what it does: Click here.
July Sales Promotions

See it to Believe it: Three Models For Under $500.

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Preowned Certified Series Special Offers.

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Best Lease and Finance Rates Ever!

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MINI Downtown is Moving to a New Home.

On Monday June 22nd, 2009 construction started on the NEW HOME OF MINI DOWNTOWN. Located right across the street from BMW Toronto, this state of the art 21,000 square foot stand alone MINI Dealership will be the talk of the town. Opening in late spring of 2010, the NEW MINI DOWNTOWN will finally allow our dedicated MINI customers to have access to new and pre-owned MINI Sales, Service and Parts all under one roof. This two storey structure will feature 10 MINI service bays, a green rainwater collecting roof and will utilize solar heating for some aspects of the operation. If you regularly take the King/Adelaide ramp onto the northbound DVP, you will be able to watch the progress of the NEW MINI DOWNTOWN throughout the winter. Look for our monthly eNews letter or visit the MINI Downtown Web site at minidowntown.ca to witness the progression in the construction of your brand new MINI Downtown.

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BMW Golfsport Collection 2009

An expression of joy.

Being that time of the year, BMW has just unveiled the brand new 2009 BMW Golfsport clothing and accessory line. Everything from golf bags, hats, cleat bags and polo shirts have been completely redesigned for the 2009 summer golfing season.

You dont even have to be on the golf course to embody the BMW image and style.

Get into the swing of things this summer with BMWs Golfsport collection. Call or visit our Lifestyle Boutique to learn more today.

MINI Turns 50.

Helps us celebrate 50 years of driving excitement.

Aging gracefully is the 2009 MINI Cooper. Did you know, the original MINI Cooper came off the assembly line all the way back in May of 1959.

In honour of MINI's 50th birthday, MINI has introduced two Special Birthday Editions; The MINI 50 Mayfair and MINI 50 Camden. They have been developed exclusively for 2010 model year. The MINI 50 Mayfair celebrates half a century of proud motoring history, while the MINI 50 Camden looks forward to the next 50 years of emotional design and pure MINI performance.

These Birthday Special Editions are now available for ordering. Please contact or visit MINI Downtown for further detail.

Please contact or visit MINI Downtown (at 416-703-6313) for further detail.

Tips From the Experts.

Preparing your BMW for a summer road trip.

Here is one of the many components we suggest checking before hitting the road. The extra time spent preparing will help ensure a safe and pleasurable trip.

Tires One of the most important and easiest checks you can do before a road trip. Check the tire pressure to make sure they are properly inflated. The proper tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on a label on the sill of the driver's door.

We also recommend checking the tread depth of your tires. It can also be easily done by placing a quarter, moose nose down, into the grooves of your tires, as long as the nose touches the tread, you are good to go.

Fluids - Engine oil, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and engine coolant are the most important ones to check. Also make sure to top up the windshield washer fluid - and have an extra jug, just in case.

To view our complete checklist: Click here.

Motorcycle Riders - A motorcycle needs more frequent attention than a car. A minor technical failure in a car seldom leads to anything more than an inconvenience for the driver. If something is wrong with your motorcycle, you'll want to find out about it before you get into traffic. We strongly encourage you completely check your motorcycle before every ride, we have prepared a check list for you.

To view our motorcycle checklist: Click here.

Bike Carriers.

Designed to fit your BMW.

For a limited time, take advantage of special pricing on a bike carrier for your BMW X5 or X6.

Some features of the carrier are as follows:
  • The carrier can be tilted, with or without bicycles attached so the tailgate can be opened.
  • Quick installation with special mounting screws and locks deter theft.
  • Bicycle holder is lockable for additional security.
  • Foldaway design allows storage of carrier in the luggage department.
  • Easy to load as bicycles only have to be lifted about 12 inches.
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For further details, please call 416.623.4269 or visit www.bmwtoronto.ca
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