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BMW Waterloo
Welcome to the third edition of the BMW Waterloo eNews published exclusively for clients of The Quinn Family of fine motor vehicle dealerships ( BMW Waterloo, MINI Waterloo, BMW Toronto, BMW Toronto Motorrad, Parkview BMW and MINI Downtown).

In this 3rd edition, we will highlight our amazing New and Pre-owned Sales Incentives for BMW and MINI. We will preview the all new 2010 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, the first of its kind. We will also introduce you to the 2009 Rider Equipment line from BMW Motorrad.

MINI celebrates its 50th anniversary! We are excited to present the MINI Mayfair and the MINI Camden introduced for this special year only. MINI Downtown and MINI Waterloo have also celebrated this special birthday, we will share these parties with you.

The Aftersales Department, will provide tips on how to maintain the interior of your vehicle. We have great offers on winter and summer tire packages, a promotion on our Full Body Treatment, a Spa for your vehicle as well as a peace of mind program; a 1 year Roadside Assistance for free when doing a 55 Point Health Inspection.

Our mission at the Quinn Family of Dealerships is to offer you Service Beyond your Expectations. With our years of experience in the automotive sector and a dedicated team of employees, the Quinn Family is certain to satisfy all your needs. Whether you are interested in a new or a pre-owned vehicle, service, accessories, parts or BMW lifestyle and MINI gear, we are here to help.

We hope you find this edition informative and educational.

Sincerely yours,
The BMW MINI eNews team
In this issue: August 2009

5 Series Gran Turismo: Coming Soon.

Unmatched and in a class of its own.

Carrying on the BMW tradition of never remaining stationary, or happy with the status quo; BMW is ready to launch their boldest feat yet. Soon joining BMWís fine line of vehicles, is the 2010 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

A re-imagining of versatility is the focus. The handling and comfort of a premium sedan coupled with the multipurpose aspect of a Sports Activity Vehicle, makes the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo an unmatched vehicle, in a class of its own.

Itís a sedan that has the legroom in the same ballpark as the X5, X6 and 7 series, while remaining true to the essence of BMW design. That is; for BMWs to have the most powerful, nimble, efficient and elegant vehicles on the road. Itís called the Ultimate Driving Experience, and the Gran Turismo will represent the embodiment of such an experience.

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August Sales Promotions

No-Charge Automatic Transmission.

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Preowned Certified Series: Lease or Finance from 0.9%.

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Summer's here! Now's the time to get a MINI.

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MINI 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Models.

The MINI Mayfair & MINI Camden will only be available for one year.

In honour of the historic, half-century anniversary of MINIs tearing up the streets; MINI will launch two Limited Editions MINIs; the Mayfair and the Camden as a 2010 model.

Available under the Cooper and the Cooper S only, the MINI Mayfair and the MINI Camden represent 50 years of racing-inspired engineering and design.

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Express Your Personality

BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment.

No other form of transport has the same emotional effect as motorcycling- and no other form of transport offers the same scope of individual expression.

Whether youíre cruising city streets, venturing off-road, embarking on a world tour or tearing up the race track; the sense of speed and freedom is like nothing else. However, to get the most out of the experience, you need apparel that is up to the job.

With no roof or windows to protect you from the elements; your safety and comfort falls to what you wear Ė and if what youíre wearing is BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment, then you know youíre in good hands.

From premium quality hand-made Arai helmets and weatherproof suits to comfortable and versatile gloves, every product is designed to fulfill a specific function.

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LIMITED TIME OFFER!!! - BMW Winter Tire Packages.

Get ready! Winter is just around the corner.

Beat the fall rush by pre-ordering your BMW Winter Tire Package by SEPTEMBER 30TH and receive;
  • $200 BMW Lifestyle or Accessory Gift Certificate with the purchase of any Alloy Wheel Package
  • $100 BMW Lifestyle or Accessory Gift Certificate with the purchase of any Steel Wheel Package
Even vehicles with the most advanced safety features need proper tires to navigate wet, snow-covered and often icy roads. Make the journey worry-free with a High Performance BMW Winter Tire Package.

Donít wait for the snow to fall. Act now! Protect your loved ones and your BMW.

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High Performance Summer Tires.

We need to clear out all remaining inventory.

Receive a $200 BMW Lifestyle or Accessory Gift Certificate when you purchase a BMW High-Performance Summer Tire Package from our remaining inventory.

Donít wait; these remaining tire packages will move fast.

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MINI Turns 50 Events.

Thanks to everyone that celebrated 50 years of driving excitement with us.

In honour of the MINI 50th Anniversary, both MINI retailers of the Quinn Group of Motor Vehicles hosted parties to commemorate the historic event.

MINI Waterloo, first, kicked off the festivities on July the 16th with a classic English Tea Party. MINI owners and lovers joined in on the fun to celebrate the event with classic English fare like; tea, scones and tarts; in the spirit of MINIís long British heritage.

MINI Downtown then had a gathering of its own on July 25th. The 50th Anniversary MINI Test-drive event was highlighted by a convoy of over 15 MINIs ready to be tested in the bustling downtown Toronto streets. The entire line of MINIs was available to be test-driven. Entertainment included mini burgers, mini hors-díoeuvres and other treats, a DJ, a tattoo artist, raffles, prizes for everyone and much more. The party was a great success as there were an overwhelming numbers of test drives which generated 15 sales for the week. Despite adverse weather later on in the afternoon, there was enough entertainment going on inside to party like it was 1959!

Tips From the Experts.

Leather & Upholstery Maintenance

Leather Maintenance: The leather upholstery used by BMW is a natural product of the highest quality, processed using state-of-the-art methods to ensure that it will maintain its high quality for years to come, provided that it is properly cared for.

Regular periodic cleaning and care are essential, as dust and road dirt act as abrasives in the pores and creases of the material. This leads to wear spots and premature brittleness on the surface of the leather. We therefore suggest that you clean the leather with a vacuum cleaner or dust cloth at frequent intervals. After this we recommend using BMW Leather Care Lotion with UV Protection.

Since dirt and grease gradually attack the protective layer of the leather, it is recommended that you treat the cleaned surfaces twice a year with the BMW Leather Lotion. This also helps to retain the value of your vehicle and to avoid electrostatic charges.

Spills should be wiped up immediately. Remove grease and oil stains by dabbing with soap and water. Avoid rubbing.

If the upholstery is to be exposed to intense sunlight or if the vehicle is to be stored for and extended period, cover all leather surfaces or, better yet, cover the windows to prevent fading.

Upholstery Maintenance: Depressions in the upholstery that result from everyday use can be brushed smooth by brushing against the nap with a slightly damp brush. The tendency of the pile to lie in a particular direction on velour upholstery is not a quality defect and, just as on home textiles or clothing, cannot be avoided.

Lint on upholstery fabrics and textile or suede remnant that have gotten rubbed into the upholstery may be removed with a lint brush or Velcro brush. Stains and larger areas of dirt should be removed immediately, using luke-warm water or cleaning-grade benzene. Brush the fabric afterwards to restore its appearance.

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Roadside Assistance Exclusive Offer.

Receive 1-year free when you get a 55 point inspection.

Enjoy an exclusive offer from BMW. Get a 55 Point Health Inspection for $99 for your BMW and receive 1-year free Roadside Assistance!

For more detail or to book an appointment contact BMW Waterloo at 519.747.0269.

Your BMW deserves a day at the Spa by BMW.

Book before the end of August and save.

Indulge your vehicle by giving it a Spa by BMW.

Book an appointment before the end of August and save $100 on the Full-Body Treatment. (regular price $349, promotional price $249 plus taxes).

Make a reservation today by calling 519.747.0269.
For further details, please call 519.747.0269 or visit www.bmwwaterloo.com
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